Why I Won’t Spend Friday Nights Out, Even if I Could Afford It

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Friday nights out, or just nights out in general, are expensive affairs. A good meal at a restaurant will cost you $30-$50. Cover charges and alcohol will set you back another $50-$100. Easy.

Who knows how much you’d actually fork over when you’re in the heat of things?

But being frugal isn’t the only thing that’s holding me back from Friday nights out. Or any night out, in fact.

It’s the insanely mad rush that keeps me away.


The Constant Hustle

Most of us hustle and bustle. Every single day.

We get jolted out of bed every Monday with an alarm that makes us cringe. We rush through breakfast. We hurry to get changed. We race out of the house to make it to work on time.

In the office, there’s always so much to be done. So many items to check off our personal to-do-lists. We don’t want to do it, but we do it anyway because we need the job.

Even after work, we rush out of the office to catch our buses or trains. We scramble to the gym for the daily work out. We make a beeline home to prepare dinner before collapsing into bed, a tired and over-worked bundle.

And we do it all over again the next day. And the next. And the next.

Then Friday comes around. We celebrate the end of our busy week by heading out. To the latest bars and clubs.

We see who can down the most number of shots in the least amount of time. How fast we can finish partying in this club, so that we can hit up the next one.

Oh, and don’t forget social media. We post the most awesome photos and compare the number of likes or hearts we got to our peers. In a competition that doesn’t seem to exist, but is so very real in our heads.

We have so many things to do.

There will always be so many things to do. When will that ever stop?


My Perfect Friday Night is a Simple One.

A simple, yet delicious, home-cooked meal. A hot shower. A mug of hot chocolate or a glass of warm milk. A good movie. A comfortable snuggle under the warm quilt.

Ending the night by looking out over the busy city, with a quiet, congratulatory smile for getting through the insane week.

Watching the miniature people below, wondering what their lives are all about, pondering what your life could be if you were them.

Letting your mind drift. Reflecting upon your week and making a note about how it could be improved. Or being content for having a wonderful week. Or just being thankful for having made it through the week alive.

Being grateful for just having the space and time to think. To sit down, with some much-welcomed solitude. To have the freedom to think about all the things in the world.

Without all the noise. Without all the crowds. Without all the busy-ness. Without the distraction of dazzling lights. Without the allure of opulence.

Without the mad rush of the world collapsing in on you.

That’s my idea of a perfect Friday night.


When Will the Hustle Ever Stop?

The nature of the world is as such. We hustle and bustle. We compete. We race to get ahead. We try to climb the corporate ladder. We have a million things to do. So, when will that ever stop?

Only when we make it stop.

Only when we learn to hit the ‘pause’ button on our lives.

Only when we take the time to just slow down, and unwind.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the city. Everyone’s hustling, so should you.

It’s so easy to spend your days shuffling around meeting rooms and rushing to get things done. You think you’d be left behind if you don’t.

It takes intentionality to slow down amidst the craziness and insanity.

It takes real courage to say ‘no’ to a world that’s yelling for you to get up and hustle.

It takes a certain child-like wonder and faith to be awed by the simple, yet beautiful, things around us.

You’d be amazed at how a simple warm cup of hot chocolate can bring a smile to your face. Or how a beautiful view can make your heart sing.

Or how the quiet and solitude can bring some much-needed clarity to your mind, amidst the insanity and the mad rush of the world.

If only you take the time to slow down, and be amazed by all that is around you. Be intrigued by the simplest things in this world.

Even when everyone is out there, dancing the night away, shrieking at you to join the party.




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