The Simple Reason Why Anybody Can Be Financially Free, Including You

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Anybody can reach financial freedom. Not only the rich. Not only the high flyers.

Anybody. Including you, and me.


Financial Freedom is More than Just Knowing A “Number”

Financial freedom isn’t quite like a science. There isn’t only one logical explanation for any given fact or statement. It isn’t just about knowing a “number”.

Financial freedom is a beautiful art form. Its meaning depends on your very own interpretation of it. Knowing a “number” is just a fraction of everything else you need to know.

It’s the reason there are so many personal finance bloggers out there. Because they each have their own perspective, their own philosophy.

It’s the reason I’m here too. Because I have my own opinions, insights and perspective. And I have my own story to share.


The Key Ingredient to Financial Freedom is Free

And what’s that?

Perspective. And a lot of it.

Perspective is the reason you can be financially free, even if you’re facing entirely different obstacles from everyone else.

Perhaps your pay isn’t quite as decent as everyone else.

Perhaps you have many mouths to feed at home, and you aren’t able to save as much.

Perhaps you never went to business school, and are clueless about investing.

Perhaps. There’s always a “perhaps”.

But financial freedom isn’t a science. You don’t need to earn $2 million before you’re financially free. You don’t need to save $100,000 a year before you’re financially free. You don’t need to invest $100,000 a year before you’re financially free.

In fact, you could be financially free at $1 million. Or $500,000. You could save $20,000 a year. Or $10,000 a year. There isn’t a specific number for everything.

Financial freedom hinges on you. Your perspective.

Say you earn $3 grand a month. You think “Oh gosh, how will I ever retire on this pay-check? My friends earn so much more.

Could you increase your income to $3.5 grand a month by tutoring students? Or opening a little Etsy business? Or starting a freelance career on the side? Or taking advantage of retail arbitrage?

On the other end of the spectrum, could you decrease your spending? Let’s say you currently spend $500 a month on food. ‘Not bad’, you think. But is there any way you could cut down even more? Could you meal prep more? Could you make use of special offers when eating out? Could you bring your lunch to work?

Let’s say you currently spend $200 a month on entertainment. Could you cut it down to $50? Could you find enjoyment in the simple pleasures in life, like a walk on the beach, or a run in the park, or a hike through the forest? Could you source for free entertainment, like concerts or museums?

Use your creativity and ingenuity to further hack your spending, and your income. This will drastically increase your savings and propel you towards financial freedom, faster than ever.

What you need to do is to change your perspective on money.

You’ll find that you actually need so much less than you are spending now, and yet still live a contented and happy life.

This way, you don’t need to have such a large nest egg. You can shave years off your financial freedom timeline. Enjoy life at its fullest while managing your money wisely.

In the Financially Independent, Retire Early (FIRE) blogosphere, you’ll meet so many great minds with different perspectives to life and money. With these different perspectives, comes a multitude of bright ideas and amazing suggestions.

Use these ideas and suggestions to accelerate your journey to freedom. Perhaps one suggestion doesn’t work. I’m sure another one would.

All you need is some perspective and optimism.


Everything Depends on You

What matters is that you’re willing to try. What matters is that you’re willing to change your perspective on money, and on life.

You don’t need a $10 million nest egg to be financially free. You don’t need a $1 million a year salary to be financially free.

Everything depends entirely on you.

That’s why anybody can be financially free, including you. Yes, you.

Believe it.




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