October 2018 Income, Expenses and Savings

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At the end of every month, I grab a cup of piping hot coffee, and sit down in front of my laptop to finalise my monthly income, expenses, and savings. Without further ado, here are the numbers.


Thoughts on My Income:

I did quite a bit of intensive tutoring for the first 2-3 weeks of October leading up to the examination period, which explains why my tutoring side hustle income didn’t drop as much as expected.

I had particularly lucky month with flipping items online as well. Not something I expect in upcoming months, but I’m stoked about this little bit of income.


Thoughts on My Expenses and Savings:

Clearly, I went spending more than I should have. I spent about $200 more than I regularly spend. What did I spend on?

Food – I spent a lot more on food this month than I should have. Many of the money-saving apps that I regularly use were having fantastic discounts on even more fantastic meals. Being the discount hunter that I am, I had to go for them. I scored so many amazing meals so I’m really excited. The good news is that I don’t expect this kind of “exorbitant” spending to last beyond this month. And I’ve got enough restaurant meals to last November and December too. Stoked!

Shopping – For the first time in about 13 months, I broke my shopping ban. I saw a pair of A-Jays sitting in a shop. So I fell for the “amazing” promotion and the fact that it was the last pair in stock. Also, I saw these A-Jays on my birthday and felt that I deserved them. Reminder to self: Don’t go shopping on your birthday. This wasn’t something that I needed, I just bought it on impulse because I felt that I would eventually get around to using them. I’m a little disappointed about the fact that I broke my shopping ban, but I guess I’m excited to upgrade my earpieces anyway?

Blogging – Being the tech noob that I am, I had to pay my theme creators for an extension of their support. Another 6 months of support here.

Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.


The Progress I’ve Made:

2 more months of the year left, 16% to go. Let’s do this!


And That’s it for this Month’s Income and Savings Report!

I try to maximise the use of visuals (charts) and minimise my random musings, to keep these reports as simple as possible.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this or took something away from this.

The plan is to do up regular monthly income and savings reports. These monthly reports will detail my income, savings, and expenditure every month, down to the nearest $5 or $10. If you’re interested, you can check them out at this link to see how much I’ve saved and the progress I’ve been making.

Thanks for reading!


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    1. Yup, I’ve got a mix of stock and bond index funds. I’ve also got savings in bank accounts that give high interest rates (1.85% p.a.). I started investing only recently, so right now I’ve got too much cash + bonds and too little stock. But I’m investing a little more in stock every month, trying to build up my portfolio 🙂

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