July 2018 Income, Expenses and Savings

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At the end of every month, I grab a cup of piping hot coffee, and sit down in front of my laptop to finalise my monthly income, expenses, and savings. Without further ado, here are the numbers.


Thoughts on My Income:

Signed up for another credit card, and got an instant $150 sign-up bonus, with no minimum spend! Whoop! I think that’s about it for my credit card sign-ups though. I don’t spend much, so I won’t be able to hit the minimum spend on too many credit cards.

The rest of my income sources are pretty standard; things I get income from every month – corporate job, tutoring, bank interest and flipping stuff online.

I really like how I get $80 of interest every single month. I don’t have to do anything at all. I just let my money sit in the bank, and this extra money just rolls in. Amazing.


Thoughts on My Expenses and Savings:

I spent $100 for a yearly subscription of an online photo editing service. I felt the pinch the moment I put that expenditure on my credit card. But hey, at least it’s an expense I’ll incur only once a year.

Other than that, I didn’t have any crazy expenses. I’m happy with most of my expenses, but I feel like I’ve been spending too much on food lately. Maybe it’s because a decent lunch in the middle of the workday really takes away the dreary mood I feel at the office. I don’t spend too much on work lunches (usually around $5-$7), but it still adds up. I’ll work on this next month.


The Progress I’ve Made:

5 more months in the year, and 41% to go.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up crushing my savings goal of $33,000 at the end of the year. Because I’m getting a 1-month bonus in December.

Man, I can’t wait to tally my savings at the end of the year. Really looking forward to that! (Wow, nerd alert.)


And That’s it for this Month’s Income and Savings Report!

I try to maximise the use of visuals (charts) and minimise my random musings, to keep these reports as simple as possible.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this or took something away from this.

The plan is to do up regular monthly income and savings reports. These monthly reports will detail my income, savings, and expenditure every month, down to the nearest $5 or $10. If you’re interested, you can check them out at this link to see how much I’ve saved and the progress I’ve been making.

Thanks for reading!




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