Take a Cold Shower – A 60-Second Life Lesson, about Failure and Success

(2 Minute Read. Enjoy!)

Phase 1 – Something Piques your Interest

You’ve heard, time and again, about how beneficial cold showers are. You’ve also heard, time and again, about how difficult it is to sustain.

You absolutely hate the cold, but you’re always willing to try little things to improve your life.

Heck, I could do this.” You think to yourself.


Phase 2 – Overconfidence

You can do this.” You repeat to yourself, over and over again. Each sentence out of your mouth makes you feel alive, motivated, and raring to go.

Blood pulses through your body. In this moment, you feel invincible. Like you’re ready to conquer the world.

You place your hand on the cool, metallic surface of the shower handle. And you pull.


Phase 3 – Facing Obstacles

A million tiny icicles pierce your body, and you practically jump out of your skin. The frigid water is unbearable, and you think you finally understand how passengers are punished on the Snowpiercer train.

You prance around in the shower, as if trying to escape the dreadful, biting cold.

Its mission, on the other hand, is to give you frostbite.


Phase 4 – Failure

5 seconds have passed at this point, and you continue to feel the cold biting into your skin. Just as your body feels feeble, your mental strength wears thin.

That’s it’, you think to yourself, ‘No more.

You ram the palm of your hand against the shower handle. The icy droplets stop pouring out.

The torment stops. And you’re left soaking wet. Not just in water, but also in defeat.


Phase 5 – Picking Yourself Up

You stare at the shower handle and think about all the agony you didn’t know it could bring you. You sigh in defeat, and decide to step out of the shower, bitterly scarred by your experience.

But something stops you.

Something deep inside your very core stirs, and you instinctively know that this isn’t something you can turn away from. This isn’t something you should turn away from.

You’re better than this.


Phase 6 – Making Improvements

You place an unsteady hand back on the shower handle.

This time, you hesitate to pull it. You now know what it feels like. It sucks real bad.

But you muster every single drop of courage that you have. And you pull that damn handle.

The frosty torrent begins again.

10 seconds pass, and every fibre of your being is telling you to stop this madness, to just enjoy a nice hot shower. This time, however, you resist every cell in your body telling you to do just that.

20 seconds tick by, slowly, but surely. The sharp piercings from the icy snowstorm gradually turns to numbness.

At the 30-second mark, and it becomes just a mild discomfort.


The Final Phase – Success

60 seconds in, and you actually feel okay. Your body is no longer freezing up, and you’re no longer clenching your jaw, trying to resist the pain.

You’re now able to move freely, to soap up your body and to finally get cleaned up after a long day at work.

15 minutes later, your cold shower comes to an end. You towel yourself dry and look in the mirror. Your beaming face greets you.

You feel invincible. You feel like you can conquer the world.

And this time? You deserve it.


To more cold showers,


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